Blackberry Z30 and Z15 images leaked online confirming their arrival

Blackberry smartphones are also trying to capture the smartphone market by competing with high end Android smartphones that are taking over the market. Blackberry Z10 had entered making a buzz amongst the Blackberry fans. And recently we came across the news about Blackberry A10 in the making which is going to be high on technologically advanced features. As per the reports on few blogs images of this smartphone codenamed Blackberry A10, which is officially named Blackberry Z30 have been leaked. Along with this Blackberry Z15 images have also come up which is new to everyone.

Health & Fitness: Ways to get a sound sleep

Getting a sound sleep is utmost necessary for every human being because everyone needs rest and sleep is the time when the mind and body gets maximum relaxation. After a long hectic day sleep becomes even more important but few of us might be facing this problem of not getting proper sleep or sound sleep as it is said. The reasons may be whatever for not getting sleep but the main issue is how to get sound sleep to get a healthy mind which can think and work properly. Here we have ways that can help to get a sound sleep. There are few regular things that need to be done like setting a proper time of sleep, creating an environment to sleep, exercising, avoiding few foods that are barrier in a sound sleep instead eating those foods that induce sleep. All those who are not getting a good sleep need to read this.

Golden Era of Life: School Days

Every single person in this competitive world is stressed out these days be it due to work pressure or family responsibilities. Rarely do we cherish moments of life as if we have forgotten to live and have become part of a never ending race. The only part that we remember as the best part of our lives are the school days which every single person still remembers and smiles over.

None of us can forget our school days those were the days when we were carefree, without any tensions. No stress to meet the targets and no back stabbing friends, just fun and studies. School days have always had a special place in everyone’s life. The friends that we make in school days are for lifetime because those were the friends that we made without any interest, it was plain friendship. But in this competitive world of private corporate we often have to make friends for our selfish reasons. These friends will be back stabbing you for a promotion any time. And they hardly care for being around you when you actually need them.

Nissan Terrano SUV launch to take place in this fiscal year

Nissan Terrano is the upcoming Sports Utility Vehicle by the Japanese auto maker coming to the Indian markets soon. Looking at the increasing demand of SUVs in Indian market Nissan Company has come up with Terrano SUV which is based on much in demand SUV Renault Duster. Nissan Terrano images are out and the makers claim that it will be launched in this fiscal year itself. Details of Nissan Terrano price in India and specifications are not given yet but it will be revealed later.

SUV Nissan Terrano price in India is not announced yet but it is expected to be priced a little higher than Renault Duster. And this higher price is going to be because of the added premium features that Nissan SUV will have in comparison to Duster.

Intex Aqua I-5 smartphone

Intex Aqua I-5 smartphone is the latest launch of Intel which is a combination of advanced technology, rich features and affordable price, this is surely a deadly combo. Standing straight in competition with already existing smartphones Micromax A110Q Canvas 2, Karbonn Titanium S5 and Xolo Q1000, Intex Aqua I5 is loaded with high tech specs. Aqua I5 specs include quad core processor, Android 4.2 OS, dual SIM feature, 12 MP camera, connectivity options and 2000mAh battery. And loaded with all these spectacular features Intex Aqua I-5 price stands at Rs.11690.